Sapphire Coast Historic Vehicle Club

The Sapphire Coast Historic Vehicle Club supports the preservation and use of veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.

The Club is in a rural setting and includes large clubrooms, a fully equipped workshop, plus  exhibition and education pavilions where over 60 historic cars are displayed.
The Club welcomes visits from, and can cater for, all types of motoring clubs and tour coach groups.
Every year there is a full calendar of events including open road touring, club runs and non-competitive rallies. This club provides a different form of relaxation; street parades, displays, fund-raising for local charities plus community support activities.
Driving a piece of motoring history is a unique experience. Choices range from veteran, vintage, classic and historic vehicles dating from 1900 to within thirty years from the present date.
Visitors and new members are welcome.



Thursday, May 3rd – Monthly General Meeting. SCHVC clubrooms at 7:30pm.

Saturday, May 5th – Working Bee. At the Club, 9:15am till noon.


Latest posts:

  • Cars for sale from the estate of the late Alan Johnson have been posted on the “For Sale” page. This now includes the Ferrari 348 ts and MV Augusta motor cycle.
  • The latest (March 2018)  issue of the Club’s magazine “The Spoke” is available on the ‘Club Magazine’ page.
  • Click on this link for information about the  Classic Vehicle Scheme.
  • Information on the Concessional Registration Schemes which was contained in the last edition of the Club magazine is reproduced below for easy access.



The Classic Restorations Show sponsored by Shannons recently featured our Club.  This is a really excellent program which showcases our Club and its activities. To view the program copy the link below and paste it into the address bar of your browser. (Apologies that we can’t do a direct link!)



Log Books:

If your vehicle is registered on HVS or CVS and you have been issued with a log book, make sure you fill in your daily schedule. The log book (sheet) is ruled one line for each day’s travel. Even though you may go to a number of destinations per day, record the main destination. If you drive to the SCHVC you must fill in a log book entry. If stopped by the Police and your log book has not recorded the trip, the fine is in the order of $1,200 and loss of 4 points. However, if you are participating in a promulgated club event you do not have to fill in your log book, but you will need to prove you are on a club event and that is why you should carry a copy of The Spoke or a photocopy of the Club Events from the magazine
We hear odd stories about log books such as one of our members being told by a RMS office that he could only drive his car for 15 days every 3 months because that is why the log book sheet is ruled in four sections! Of course that is incorrect: you can drive on a log book for 60 days per year of registration on any schedule of your choice.


Clubs of the NSW Southern Motoring Association have adopted guidelines for acceptable modifications for HVS (H plate) registered historic vehicles, though it is preferable that historic vehicles should remain to the original specification as possible to when manufactured. The HVS is a self- regulating scheme so users (RMS Approved historic vehicle clubs and their respective registrars), are expected to ensure the eligibility guidelines for modifications are solely for the safety and reliability of historic vehicle use on public roads. It is stressed that the allowable modifications are presented as guidelines for Club Registrars/Vehicle Inspection Officers, not rules.

Allowable Modifications for HVS registered vehicles are limited to:
Engine: Fitment of alloy pistons in lieu of cast iron; hardened valves and seats to reduce regression with unleaded fuel; fitment of carburettors for LPG gas use.
Brakes: Non asbestos brake lining material; hydraulic brakes replacing mechanical brakes; stainless steel sleeves in master cylinder and wheel
cylinders; neoprene cups in lieu of rubber; brake boosters.
Wheels and Tyres: Replacement wheels to be of the same design/profile and no wider than 25mm (1 inch) of the original: replacement of original
cross ply tyres with radial ply tyres.
Suspension: Fitment of telescopic shock absorbers.
Lights: Fitment of Halogen or LED bulbs for extra brightness; fitment of turn indicators.
Electrical: Conversion from 6V to 12V; replacing generator with an alternator; replacing hand-operated windscreen wipers with electric windscreen wipers.
Steering: Conversion from LHD to RHD is acceptable only if the vehicle has been issued with ECS or VSCCS certification documentation from a RMS licensed certifier.
Period Accessories. May be fitted and are defined as accessories offered by the original vehicle manufacturer for that year model, or after-market accessories, available in the period when the vehicle was manufactured. Typically, allowable accessories are radio, air conditioner, heater/demister, driving lights and seat belts.
Optional Items. May be fitted, and are defined as alternative choices offered by the original vehicle manufacturer for that year model of the vehicle. Typically, options include paint, trim, engine, gearbox, differential and wheels.